At my firm The Tax Reduction Network, tax season has begun with a flood of new business clients and individuals, all looking to reduce their income taxes. This is the result of the huge success of our two minute tax reduction video newsletter, And referrals from existing business owners and individuals who see the benefits of tax planning and reducing their income taxes to the lowest legal minimum!
When these new clients stream into our office, to my surprise, I find they are used to just dropping off their Information and being told they will receive a call when it’s ready!

In our initial meeting I review the clients previous returns, where I normally find a substantial number of mistakes and missed opportunities that were costing these new clients a small fortune in overpaid income taxes, year after year after year. They truly need personal tax advice.
With new business clients I find their schedule c or corporate returns were never explained to them in detail. They had no idea what they could deduct as a business expense. I normally hear, “this was never explained to me,” I was not aware I could deduct that”. I ask them how they have been with their present accountant or tax advisor. The Response 10 years 15 years! When they see how much less they should have paid, their jaw simply drops!!!

One client said “the savings you showed me I could have paid for my two children’s college educations and had enough left over to buy a new truck!” “I had no idea there were so many ways to reduce your taxes.” This could have all been avoided simply by spending 30 -45 minutes and explaining what needed to be addressed to reduce their taxes to the lowest legal minimum. Don’t you think you deserve better?

Does this sound familiar? The Tax Reduction Network can help you stop the stress and anxiety at tax time. So call us now at 610-945-1954 to set an appointment, are schedule is filling up fast. Or email me at Sign up for our free two minute tax reduction video, at As a bonus you will receive, Ten Tax Reduction Mistakes Business Owners Make, Ten Tax Reduction Mistakes Individuals Make, and The Tax Benefits of Home Ownership!

Remember, The choice is yours. Keep getting soaked with higher and higher income taxes year after year, or learn how to reduce your taxes to the lowest legal minimum!!!