Some people stay as far away from doing their own taxes as possible. Others are more than happy to dive into last year’s finances and see where they stand with Uncle Sam. A lot of this depends on a person’s overall tax knowledge and comfort level with numbers. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of getting an Enrolled Agent to do your taxes for you.

You Get to Work With a Human Being (Can You Get Personal Tax Advice From A Computer?)

While certain software can be very helpful, it doesn’t speak English as well as a flesh-and-blood human being can. By working with an Enrolled Agent, you can ask questions and deal with problems as they arise. But deep down, don’t you wonder whether a human accountant could find more deductions that a computer program? Over time, you might actually learn to trust the people helping you out with your taxes. Then you and your Enrolled Agent will be able to come up with some new and clever ways of saving money on your taxes—ways you would have never come up with on your own.

Access to the Correct (and Better) Tools and Tax Knowledge (Tax Reduction Strategies Are More Critical Than Ever Since The Advent of The Affordable Care Act)

Enrolled Agents, as a general rule, work with much more sophisticated tax software than an amateur tax preparer has access to at home. This means less chance of error, which can be a major benefit in the long run. Also, an Enrolled agent will almost certainly be better educated in the tax field than you are. This fact should ensure that you find the most savings possible and that you don’t get caught up in any costly tax mistakes and missed opportunities.

Save Time and Money

There’s a lot of fine print and complicated tax code to sort through come tax time. By working with an Enrolled Agent, you can navigate the ins and outs of tax law with more ease and, possibly, save money. In addition, an Enrolled Agent can assist you in charting out financial strategies and investments in advance. By thinking ahead, you’ll likely save time and money now, and year after year. If you do your taxes alone, you just might miss out some opportunities to keep your hard-earned cash in bank account, which, when all is said and done, is the goal at the end of every working day for just about everyone.