The IRS and the Washington Elite Hope You Never Learn The Completely Legal Ways To Reduce Taxes!
(They have their own agenda for your money…)

Let me ask you a question: Except for the death of a loved one, can you think of a time in your life that brings more confusion, more anxiety, and more worry than right now?

All the questions that come into your mind, questions about your ability to take care of your family, questions about paying your bills. The questions about how you feel about yourself, and your future, and what effect all this will have on the most important people of all; your family. These feelings are very disturbing. Not knowing how your emotional and financial state will be in the future, adds even more stress.

For example, see if this story sounds familiar:

Ray slowly approached the kitchen table. He didn’t even remember pulling out the familiar chair while he sat down, as he had done a million times before. He felt very melancholy as he opened up the paper to the classified ads, and flipped through to the want ads. He didn’t realize all the qualifications people wanted for jobs he thought should be able to get with no problem.

He thought about how excited he was to come home and tell his wife, Peggy, that he just landed the job with a major drug research and manufacturing firm in Pennsylvania! All those years of school finally paid off. He remembered fondly just as he walked in the door to tell Peggy the good news.

Now, 24 years later, the joy of that moment in the exact same spot long ago, seemed like ancient history right now.  Ray put his glasses back down, and started looking at the paper again, as Peggy came in with a cup of tea. He began with worrying about what he would do with himself. Would he be able to get a job with any future at all? He would need to cut expenses and especially he wanted to learn ways to reduce taxes, they were his biggest expense of all!

“How could they do this to me? I gave them the best years of my life, and this is the thanks they give me!  “It’s just not fair! They kept all those people who are not productive, but all of us who brought in revenue got dumped.

Then Ray suddenly remembered moving his retirement funds and something about some kind of penalty or something.”  The HR department mentioned the fact that if someone receives a distribution from a company plan because of a job change or retirement that the money must be rolled over directly into a new plan. The old type of 60 day rollover, where you could receive the money, hold it for 60 days, and then roll it into an IRA or other qualified plan, was now illegal, And, to make matters worse, if the employee wasn’t able to replace the withheld money out of other funds within the 60 days, the withheld amount would become taxable income and be subject to penalties!

His face went numb. He ran to the phone to call Jack, his old friend in the benefits department. He wanted to check on what he had done. He was praying he had set it up right. As he hung up the phone, he realized he was going to need more than prayers.

“How will I tell Peg?” he thought to himself. “We are going to have to come up with over $42,000 in the next couple of months and where are we going to get that kind of money?!” I thought my friend in the HR department would have told me about IRS tax traps for my retirement funds and other ways to reduce taxes? I thought that was his job?

Believe me when I tell you this couple is no different than millions of other families who are facing the most difficult times in their lives. Families who are facing the reality that the world they have known is never going to be the same. Families, who wanted nothing more than to work hard, give their kids the best shot at getting a start on life, and to retire in relative comfort.

The inheritance we all received from earlier generations and a birthright that gave us all the chance to live a life that no other country in the history of the world could ever achieve.

How did we get to the point where countless numbers of us face the reality of not being able to…Have a Decent Job, Or Retire in the Same Lifestyle We Had during Our Working Years!

Unfortunately, most of our elected leaders, and managers of our businesses, have been playing a very dangerous game. For many, many years now, they have been focusing on maintaining the status quo. By keeping their eyes on what’s easiest to do for today and always looking ahead by one or two days and finding the path of least resistance to keeping their jobs.

Which means, concentrating on controlling things with little or no eye on how their decisions will affect us in a year or in ten years? We are all living their legacy of overspending, overestimating and overindulging. We are seeing the once very stable job market collapse before our very eyes. (The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says that this “recession” will cause only 15% of laid off workers to get their jobs back, compared to 44% in previous recessions!)

Since the people in power have their own agenda, the last thing they want is for you to learn the best legal ways to reduce taxes!

So, you cannot afford to repeat the same mistakes. You cannot afford to worry only about today, with no eye for the future! And, let’s look at all the decisions you are facing that will require some very careful tax planning. Decisions, which if handled incorrectly, could put you in big financial trouble:

Especially understanding the income tax costs of any decisions made is so critical, yet most people depend on an accountant, or someone from the company to help them make tax choices. You have to understand that these well intentioned individuals just may not know all the ins and outs for you!

What if things don’t improve financially?  How to decide if maybe getting into business for yourself is finally the right way to go? And with all the perfectly legal ways to reduce taxes that go with that decision!

Has some of that kept you up watching cable TV, late at night? And then, as if that weren’t enough, what about all the emotions you feel, while trying to make all these choices? Making all these huge financial decisions while being emotionally drained is not the best way to go!

The feelings of:  Anger towards your company, or the government, or whomever.  Feeling guilty that maybe you somehow caused this. Having caused some real pain for your spouse and kids. Will they be OK? Should you have been able to see this coming or somehow prevented this?  And fear about what’s going to happen to you. Will you make it? Will you have enough money?  Feelings of betrayal about how could they do this to you?
Anxiety about what you will do with yourself? And doubt over how you are going to get through this.  A lack of control deciding what you can do to get things back under control. You feel lost sometimes. That’s a lot of emotional baggage to drag around, yet it’s perfectly normal. Who wouldn’t feel this way? Let me tell you that mostly everyone going through this changing life has all these emotions, and more! So what’s next? Is there some solution to all this? In my opinion, there is.

Learn the legal ways to reduce taxes that is your biggest expense, you worked till august last year just to pay them all.

Or, in other words, you need to find out how to plan for your future like you plan a trip to drive out west to see the kids. Establish realistic goals. Be specific about what you really want. Take a true look at where you are today. Most of us make decisions based on intuition, impulse, fear, listening to well meaning, but misinformed friends, etc.

Will you ever end up where you want to go? Or have a life that is under your financial control.

Now here’s what I’d like to offer you:

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