“Would You Like To Learn The Secrets To Reducing Taxable Income?” Discover What The IRS & The Washington Elite Hope You Never Learn?”

I thought you might. After all, there has never been an administration in Washington that was this devoted to taking what you have, and giving it to the government. To let the bureaucrats blow your money on more and more stupid and wasteful projects. Never has a government been so insistent on creating new agencies and regulations and federal jobs. They want to add more red tape. More rules. More government interference with our private lives.  And on and on.

Oh yeah, there is one more thing Congress and The IRS Plan to Share Your Sucess:

 Your Taxes Are About To Explode Now Into The Future!!! Now, I shouldn’t just say that they want to raise taxes. You’re kidding yourself if you think they are done with taking more of your money. No, not a chance. They have just begun to force even more taxes through Congress. You see, they’re still learning as they go. Doesn’t it scare you to think how much higher our taxes will go when they actually get good at this? That is why you must learn the carefully guarded secrets to reducing taxable income legally.

Carl had put off this task for the whole day. He just couldn’t bear to sit down and do it. His wife, Terri, had asked him a couple of times if he had done it yet. (He was starting to get a bit testy with her, even though he knew it wasn’t her fault.) Finally, the six o’clock news came on, and he knew there was nothing left for him to do. He walked over to his coat that was hanging over the back of the bar stool in the kitchen, and pulled his checkbook out of the inside pocket. He sat down at the table and grabbed the manila folder that was lying on top of yesterday’s newspaper. He opened it up, and saw the same number he had seen for the last two weeks.” MAN, does this stink!”, he muttered to himself as he wrote out the check.

He wrote $18,976 in the little box on the upper right side of the check. Then he had to endure the torture of actually spelling it out on the long line in the middle. “Eighteen thousand nine hundred seventy six and 00/100——-”  “It was like they make you sweat through it a second time, in long hand, just to stick the knife in deeper and deeper!”, Carl thought to himself. Then, he had to write the payee on the first line. He sighed, put his pen to the check, and wrote those dreaded initials, “IRS.”  “You know something, Terri?”, he asked out loud to his wife who was just walking in to the kitchen. “I need to learn the best ways for reducing taxable income”

This is the first time in his adult life he was writing a check like this to send in with his tax return. He was always used to getting a check back from the IRS, not having to write one!

My accountant said I should have been withholding more. Carl thought to himself, my CPA says that I should plan on paying about $25,000 more in taxes in ‘2012 & even more than that in 2013 and beyond! .” I can’t rely on my tax advisor, I need to learn some new solutions for reducing my taxable income.

This little story is what life in the US, now and into the future is all about. It’s about higher taxes, higher unemployment, and higher stress. Let’s face it. Things are tougher and tougher out there. And it makes no sense! You’d think they would learn from all the gigantic mistakes they’ve made in the past. You’d think they would. But have they?

That is incredible when you think about it! And, all this red ink leads to the worst problem for most of us, besides being worried about our job: Paying the bills for the out of control government with higher taxes!   Did you know that the independent, non-partisan, Tax Foundation says: The median American household pays 48% of its income in federal, state and local taxes! And that’s not the so called “rich”. The typical family getting nailed like this is a working couple with two kids, and a gross income of $53,984!

 If your family is “selfish”, and successful, and makes more than this, you can expect to pay half, or more, of your income to the IRS & Congress.

So what does all this mean to you and your family??? It means you need to learn all the perfectly legal ways for reducing taxable income now! How can you do that for free?

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