In the example below this client is taking money from their IRA’s. They would like to take more money and pay less income tax. This dilemma hits taxpayers each and every tax year.

Taking More Money from Your IRA While Paying Less Income Tax Example

Old Tax Return                                                                                     New Tax Return

$10,000                                    Interest Income                                    $ 0

$10,000                                    Dividend Income                                  $ 0

$10,000                                   Capital Gain Distributions                     $ 0

$5,000                                      IRA Distributions                                  $ 10,000

$20,000                                    Pension                                                $ 20,000

$17,000                                   Taxable Social Security                        $ 4,000

 (Social Security Received $20,000)

$72,000                                   Total Taxable Income                           $ 34,000

$8,321                                     Total Income Tax                                  $ 2,156

Tax Savings                                    $6,165

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