Involved in Crypto? Avoid These Tax Blunders and Potential Unwanted IRS Attention!

The Tax Reduction Network has been working with crypto miners and investors all over the Unites States to help clear up the confusion surrounding crypto taxation and IRS reporting requirements. While many CPA firms and tax advisors are telling their clients they can’t help them or they are simply telling them to answer no to the crypto currency question on the 1040, or crypto currency promoters are telling them their information is private and the IRS will never find out! This could create a major tax issue later with potential penalties and interest as well! We will help you navigate the crypto tax compliance maze!

Our report clarifies in plain English what you need to do now to follow IRS guidelines as well as potentially keep your crypto tax bill to the lowest legal minimum.

  • Identifying what truly needs to be reported
  • Is it a business or a hobby?
  • Learn how to gather the correct information
  • Regardless of what you may have heard, your crypto activity is not hidden from the IRS

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