Most People Want To Pay Less Taxes… But They Just Don’t Have Time!

What About My Tax Return?

If you’re like most people we talk to, you’re not excited about paying higher taxes, or overpaying on other financial expenses. This simple truth is, most people lost thousands of dollars every year in missed tax deductions, duplicate expenses, unnecessary insurance costs, loan interest, and hidden fees that they simply don’t have time to carefully review.

Listen to Joe’s story,

Joe got his W-2 and wow!” I made that much? Where did it all go? Look how much the IRS took for taxes! And what’s all that FICA/FUTA/Medicare Tax stuff?” Joe thinks. Then he picked up some papers from his mortgage company. “Look at all the interest we paid on our mortgage just in one year!” Joe is a conscientious hard working American and starts to wonder out loud. “What are we going to do about our tax return this year?” We have to do something to get some of this money back in our pockets!”

“We went to one of those Storefront chain operations last year”, he says to his wife Barb. “They took 20 minutes, gave us a handful of papers, billed us $875.00 dollars (because of The Affordable Care Act) and still had my Social Security Number wrong.” Barb says, “My brother Frank could do our taxes like before.” “Yeah, and have the whole family know my business again. I don’t think so.” Replies Joe.

“What about an accountant, they can certainly keep things quiet Joe,” says his wife. “They’d be OK I guess, but Bill at the office had his done last year by an accountant. He waited over two and a half months to get his return back from them. They billed him over $750.00, and I know we make more money than him even though our investments are just about the same. It

just doesn’t seem right, they did his taxes, didn’t really save him any money, and their only suggestion was to have more money withheld from his pay!”

Does any of this sound familiar? At this time of year millions of Americans are faced with a big problem. How do I file my taxes, keep more of my heard earned money and keep the IRS away?

If you are like most of us, these days of world crisis, economic slowdown, and general confusion have you downright worried. You know what. You should be! Last year has set records for government foul-ups and totally unpredictable markets. Scary times.

And the government tried to help by getting the United States credit rating down-graded! It’s the same old story. They play and we pay! The Congress in all its infinite wisdom has taken a bad situation (the Tax Code) & attempted to simplify it. As usual, they made it worse. It’s like a baby with a hammer. You just hope it doesn’t do too much damage before you can take it away.

The IRS (you’re guilty until you can prove otherwise) has stepped into the 21st century. Their vast network of new personal computers, mainframes and programs just means they can make more mistakes, faster and more consistently than ever before. They now match every W-2, 1099 and their totals against your return.
Does your tax preparer have the currently updated training, background and skills to deal with all this AND still save you thousands of dollars in taxes and other expenses?

Lets look at the alternatives?

The Storefront chains or “Tax Returns R Us.” You know the ones, with the TV commercials. They didn’t tell you that they just finished running ads for college kids to work for them The kids who are just finding out where to put their debits and credits, who have never even seen a tax form before.

Most people have had the experience…. You walk in, a college kid with a new calculator Mom got him for the holidays sits you down and in 20 minutes gives you a handful of forms & a bill for $375.00. You file your return and four months later the IRS sends you a letter. There’s a missing SSN and some math errors on your return. You call the office; the kid is back in college trying to get his eraser to work. Sally, the hairdresser was assigned your case and she will return your call as soon as she finishes the wash and perm on Joan. You know now, that whatever happens you’re going to owe the IRS money!

You think, there must be a better way to get these tax returns prepared. Is there some way I can pay less income tax and save more? The “do it yourself” approach would probably be the way to go if there weren’t some major hurdles in the way. First, after spending eight to ten hours a day handling your job or business, you come home tired. Raising a family takes more energy and work than “work itself”. Where are you going to find the time to start a third full time job of becoming a tax expert?

Aren’t they already taking too much of your money? Wouldn’t you like to be in some control of your taxes? What about spending all your free time (you know the 1-2 hours at the end of an already too long day) studying the ever-changing tax laws. In your heart, you know that that’s no answer at all.

Maybe skipping some more sleep? I think most people are losing enough of that already from worrying about their taxes, the economy and their jobs.

What about Uncle Harry or your brother in law? He does his own taxes. He’s offered to do yours. Just like last time. He takes your W-2 and your interest statements from the bank and in 10 minutes your returns are finished. In less than 24 hours everybody in your family and half the neighbors know all your business. You’ve had enough of that.

Remember how you hoped it would all go away? The IRS is still sending you notices for that year. The neighbors are still laughing when you walk by. And you are still paying too much in taxes to the IRS. Everyone says they can do your taxes, but is anyone actively trying to save you thousands of dollars in taxes and other financial expenses? You’re running out of alternatives!

The Tax Guy that did your return two years ago. Remember, you thought he moved out of the area. He took your papers, sent you one copy of the return to file, with that bill that reminded you of what Mom and Dad always said, “You get what you pay for”. Then he disappeared, never to be found to answer your questions. He never even returned your paperwork! He just called last week, he wants to “help you” again. Do you really think so?

The accounting firm down the street. Yes! They can help. Can’t they? It seems like a nice office. They should at least be accurate. CPA’s are supposed to be up to date on taxes and have specialized training. They should keep things quiet so you can at least look at your neighbors & family without the whispering.

But remember Bill at the office. He went there last year. He sat at their $2000.00 conference table. They took his W-2’s, Interest statements from the bank and they at least asked for his real estate tax bill and mortgage interest statements. Then he didn’t hear anything from them for over two and a half months when he called them!

They finished his returns, stapled them in a folder and billed him over $1200.00. Their only idea was to increase the amount of money withheld from his pay so he’s get a bigger refund. Bill called them during the year, to discuss his situation, and they billed him for the time on the phone!

You see, they make most of their money by providing high priced bookkeeping, payroll and accounting services for small businesses. They do the monthly books, payroll and estimated taxes for the garage, the dry cleaner and the neighborhood restaurant. Being an accountant or a CPA doesn’t guarantee that they can handle your taxes and find ways to save you money! It may not be their fault. They just don’t have the time either. They all take the papers, fill in the numbers and you pay and pay and pay. The taxes plus their fees! Have any of them really saved you money or have they just filled in the numbers on the forms?

We’ve developed a proven 3 step Personal & Small Business Tax Preparation and Planning Program. Our program is designed to save you money!

Step One: Assessment, where you’re at, where you want to go and what you want to do. By discussing with you your current situation and your attitudes towards money, business and taxes, we can determine, with the information you provide, what affects you and your taxes. We can show you ideas on where, when and how to save your tax dollars.

Step Two: The Return. After we understand you and your objectives, we will evaluate the information and documents you provided. We will assess if items are missing or incomplete. We will prepare your return then computer check for accuracy. (The same checks that the IRS uses to examine your return.) Then we will check your return against our computerized audit scanning software to identify areas that may cause you problems in the future. This step alone could save you thousands of dollars in taxes, penalties and interest.

Step Three: The Two-Year Comparison. This key step will show you where you are in relation to last year. Are you gaining or losing? The comparison checks: Income, deductions, exemptions, and both Federal and State taxes. This, along with our personal assessment of your Comparison will start your Tax planning and saving for next year. We will also help you implement the personal actions that will achieve the results that you want. We will help guide you through, monitor your progress giving you the tools to see your taxes under control.

IN ADDITION, AT NO COST TO YOU, you will receive FREE the “1 Hour Tax Reduction Summary” report. In this one concise report, you’ll learn ways to save thousands of dollars in taxes and other financial expenses that most people frequently overpay.

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